Woodland village

The Woodland village

Woodland is the starting village within the game.

New Skill(s)

The Beginning

When the game is first started, a basic tutorial is run through with cut scenes introducing you to the first of your villagers.

You are first introduced to a man and his pregnant wife, whom you are prompted to name. Caught in a storm and seeking shelter, they stumble upon an abandoned hut, which you move the couple into via on-screen prompts. Once the hut is fixed, the man goes through several simple tasks, such as lighting a fire and gathering water and food, again as you instruct him via the on-screen prompts.

The wife suddenly goes into labour, and gives birth to fraternal twins (a boy and a girl), which you are then prompted to name. The man and his wife then spot two people across the river from them (one of which is a child). There is a broken bridge crossing the river, which the man fixes (via on-screen prompts), allowing the man, his wife, and their babies to cross the river.

Once you cross the river, you are prompted to name the other two villagers. These six villagers are your founders.


Within Village Life, you level up by earning happiness points. In order to earn happiness points you must provide your villagers with things they need and want, such as Food, Water, and Shelter. At the start of the game, many of these things are locked, leaving you unable to gather or build them.

In order to gather or build these items, you must first unlock them; each item takes a certain amount of time to unlock. You can also unlock items faster by using Gems, which can be earned through gameplay, viewing of short advertisements, or by purchasing them using real money.