Water is a vital resource for your Villagers. An empty store will result in all of your villagers immediately wanting water.

There is no Skill that will decrease the collection time of Water.

Getting Water

Water can be gained in one of three ways:


Water 1

River Stones in the Woodland village

1. River Stones

Each village has a set of River Stones, from which your villagers can collect water. The stones in the Woodland and Mountain villagers are on the bank of the river, to the north of the village. The stones in the Riverside village are in the pond to the south of the village.

Collecting water from the River Stones takes 1 minute (10 seconds in Riverside), and yields 6 portions.


2. Well

Wells can be built in any of the villages, and collect more water than the River Stones. They are less efficient than the Stones, but they are more than worth the trade-off in not having to collect water every minute in order to sate your villagers' thirst!.

Well Portions supplied Draw time
Flint well symbol
Flint Well 16 3 minutes
Sandstone well symbol
Sandstone Well 40 8 minutes
Limestone well symbol
Limestone Well 80 14 minutes
Granite well symbol
Granite Well 120 20 minutes


3. Gift

Get free water

Get Free Water button

It is possible to ask your friends for water. Click/tap on the Water Store to display its current contents, then click/tap the 'Get FREE water!' button.

Each gift of water is 10 portions.

Water Stores

The Water Store is shared across all of your villages, so any water collected in the Woodland village is available in the Riverside and Mountain villages as well.

The Water Store is upgradeable. You begin the game with a Level 1 water store.

Store Capacity Unlock time Build time Materials required
Water store 1 symbol
Water Store 1 20 none none none
Water store 2 symbol
Water Store 2 40 3 days 2 days 16× Birch, Flint Pick,
10× Jugs
Water store 3 symbol
Water Store 3 80 3 days
2× Taps
, Limestone Pick, 30× Limestone
Water store 4 storage
Water Store 4 160 9 days 5 days Limestone Hammer, 45× Elm,
50× Cups
Water store 5 symbol
Water Store 5 250 7 days Brass Axe, 28× Oak,
100× Mugs