Village of Oz is a timed Quest that occurs after the Airship Down quest has been completed. There are 7 tasks, and you will have 15 days in which to complete them.


A tornado has blown through the village, leaving piles of debris. There are people still trapped in the funnel of the tornado.


1. Craft Raincoats and Tethers

Your villagers want to help out, but they need to ensure their own safety first.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Raincoats & Tethers 20 minutes 10× Hessian Jute, Rope, 6× Tin

2. Help Haytham

Your villagers uncover Haytham (the Scarecrow) while searching the area for survivors. He has been thrown clear of the tornado, but he is being attacked by crows and cannot think of any way to help himself or his friends.

Craft an alternative Scarecrow to lure away the crows and rescue Haytham.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Scarecrow Clothes 6 hours 20× Coarse Cotton, 20× Hessian Jute,
10× Straw
Crow Rattles 4 hours 20× Resonating Tin, 10× Birch
  • denotes a request or "Ask" item

Once you have crafted the clothing and rattles, it will take 12 hours to help Haytham.

3. Help Tinothy

Now that Haytham is free he can get to work helping his friends. He quickly spots Tinothy, who is stuck in mud and unable (or unwilling) to move. Your villagers decide to oil Tinothy to help his rusty joints get moving again.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Nozzle and Hose 7 hours 20× Hollow Rubber, 20× Hessian Jute,
10× Replacement Nozzles
Oil Can 8 hours 20× Slippery Oil, 20× Resonating Tin
Pump Mechanism
1× Ask

Once your items are assembled, you will need to craft the Oil Dispenser, which will take 12 hours, then use it on Tinothy, which will take 2 minutes.

4. Help Lionel

Tinothy has regained his mobility and his heart, but Lionel is still missing. They quickly find him trapped in the wreckage of a house, but he has lost all his courage and refuses to come out. You will need to build up his confidence before he will emerge from the wreckage.

Item required Time to make Requirements
Vocal Amplifier 10 hours 20× Grey Ash, 20× Emerald Shards,
1× Mouthpiece
Directional Dish 12 hours 20× Hollow Rubber, 20× Resonating Tin
Focusing Lenses
10× Asks

Once you have assembled all of the components, you will need to craft the Soundblaster, which will take 12 hours. Following this, it will take 2 minutes' to help Lionel.

5. Build Weather Fan

Lionel is free and raring to go. They decide to build a giant weather fan in order to calm the cyclone and rescue Dorothy.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Vacuum Chamber 12 hours 10× Gold Leaf, 20× Emerald Shards
Giant Fan 1 day 10× Alder Wood, 10× Slippery Oil,
1× Flywheel
10× Asks

Once you have assembled your items, it will take 1 day to build the Weather Fan and rescue Dorothy.

6. Build Prairie Shelter

Now that Dorothy has been rescued and is now a member of your village, she worries about where she will live since her home has been destroyed. Your villagers offer to build a Shelter for her and her friends.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Prairie House 1 day 10× Yellow Wood, 20× Alder Wood,
10× House Ornaments
Prairie Garden 1 day 20× Wild Lupine, 10× Yellow Wood
Decorative Doormat
1× Ask

Once the component parts have been assembled, it will take 1 day to build the Prairie Shelter

7. Build Oz Extravaganza

The four friends are now settled in your village, and want to put on a show to express their gratitude.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Stage Area 1 day 20× Yellow Bricks, 20× Yellow Wood
Backdrop 1 day 20× Gold Leaf, 20× Alder Wood,
1× Rainbow Prop
Oz Costumes
10× Asks

Once you have acquired all of your props and the stage, it will take 1 day to put on the production.


  • Task 3 - Oil Dispenser - 144 Happiness points per use
  • Task 4 - Soundblaster - 181 Happiness points per use
  • Task 5 - 1× child villager (Dorothy)
  • Task 5 - Weather Fan - 195 Happiness points per use
  • Task 6 - 3× adult villagers
  • Task 6 - Prairie Shelter
  • Task 7 - Oz Musical Stage - 218 Happiness points per use

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