Woodland village

The Woodland Village

The Village is a central feature of the game.

There are currently three villages, each with their own specific Shelters, foodstuffs , resources , and fun items.

A fourth village, the Beach, is referenced in the gameplay, but has not yet been released.


The majority of your resources, including food and Water, are shared between the villages. Your Food Store, Resource Store, and Water Store are all shared so that your villagers in the Mountain can access things only available in the Woodland or Riverside.

Wells and Fires

Although Wells and Fires are not shared - each village has its own - the buildings remain the same no matter what village you are in.

The upshot of this is that you do not need to unlock multiple varieties of wells and fires. However, it does mean that you cannot build two of the same kind of well or fire simultaneously.


Although the function of the Workshop remains the same across the villages, their construction is unique to each. Different materials are needed to upgrade the Woodland Workshop to the Riverside Workshop.

The advantage to this is that, because they are not shared, it is possible to use their capacities to your advantage. Should you run out of room at your Woodland Workshop, you can craft your item at the Riverside Workshop instead.

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