The title of this article is conjecture, as the Quest is not given one in-game.

Unlock Riverside is a an untimed Quest in the Woodland village. It unlocks when you reach Level 10.


Your villagers hear noises at the rock wall to the south of your village. There, spy a mysterious scrap of paper that turns out to be the other half of their torn map.

Their discussion attracts the attention of Brian, a sarcastic and very hungry explorer who has been stuck for days. He promises to show them the way to a fishing spot in exchange for their help.


1. Feed Brian

Brian is very hungry, and a very fussy eater. He will only eat a special stew, and he will mock you from his prison as you make it for him.

Item required Time to make Requirements
Stew 5 minutes
5× Riverside Gravy
, 20× Potatoes , 20× Corn

Once you have made the Stew, it will take Brian 30 seconds to eat it.

2. Build Hammer

Now that Brian's appetite has been satisfied, he hands over his half of the map. Your villagers realise they can expand the village by taking a short journey through the very cave Brian is trapped in. Of course, you will have to break the massive boulder blocking the entrance first...

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Hammer 30 seconds
5× Ball bearings
, 7× Copper, 10× Birch

Unlike most other tasks, there is no additional time required.

3. Restore Fishing Hut

Brian shows you the way to the Riverside village, and the promised fishing spot. Only, there is a catch: his old fishing hut is in disrepair.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Biteproof Materials 15 minutes Ash, 8× Nickel
Fishing Trinkets
20× Asks

Once you have got your components together, it will take 5 hours to restore the Fishing Hut to its former glory. The river awaits.


  • Brian is an engineer; he once helped to build a dam for a village. This implies that he probably knows your male villager from the beginning, who also, as you may recall, helped build a dam. It didn't go so well...

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