The River Rescue is a timed quest in the Woodland village. It unlocks when you reach Level 5, and you will have 18 days in which to complete it.


Two babies are found in a basket flowing down the river. Your villagers notice and want to rescue them.


The quest is split into six missions, all of which should be completed within the time-frame in order to gain the maximum reward.

1. Rescue Babies

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Basket Scoop 1 hour Broadleaf Dendron ×20, Baby Rice ×20, Pine ×20
Sturdy Pole 2 hours Cocoa Sunflower ×20, Corded Creeper ×20, Birch ×15
10× Asks
  • denotes a request or "Ask" item

It will take 12 hours to rescue the babies once your scoop is built.

2. Warm Babies

The babies are so cold and wet they are shivering. Warm them up before it's too late.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Baby Clothes 8 hours Soft Kapoc ×20, Vines ×15,
Clothing Pattern ×1
Lullaby Sheets 12 hours Ramie ×20, Tin Knife
Baby Booties
10× Asks

It will take 12 hours to warm the babies once you have gathered your items.

3. Save Sister

When the babies are warm and calm, your villagers will notice that the boy has a fever. They don't know how to help him, but then they spot an older girl in the river. They hope she will be able to help with the baby and decide to help her by building a raft.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Rescue Platform 12 hours Sapling Wood ×20, Weave Grass ×20, Birch×15
Warm Soup 12 hours Baby Carrots ×20, Ramie ×20,
Salt & Pepper ×1
Platform Floats
10× Asks

Once you have gathered your apparatus, it will take 12 hours to save the twins' sister.

4. Cure Baby

Now that the sister has been rescued, it's time to turn attention back to the sick boy. Luckily, his sister knows how to treat his fever.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Steam House Shelter 12 hours 20× Rubberplant , 20× Broadleaf Dendron
10× Hot Rocks
Medicine Sweetner 12 hours 20× Orange Blossom,
1× Sugarberry
, Malt Barley

Once you have built the Steam House and made the Medicine Sweetner, it will take 12 hours to cure the little boy.

5. Create Memorial

The boy's fever has broken, and the twins and their sister are now residents of your village. She does not want her brother and sister to forget where they came from, so she teaches your villagers to make a 'Carving Stone' (a statue), as a memorial to their parents.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Stone Paints 12 hours 20× Blackcurrants, 20× Soft Kapoc,
10× Pigment Pellets
Broad Brushes 12 hours 20× Sapling Wood, 20× Corded Creeper, 20× Ramie
Carving Stone
1× Ask

It will take 1 day to make the memorial once you have crafted the required items.

6. Make Bubble Bath

The last few days have been very stressful - it is time for a nice hot bath to help unwind. You will need to build the bath and create a bubble mixture.

The bubble bath is not a permanent fixture in the village, but it does provide a lot of happiness for your villagers while it is there.

Item required Time to make Required
Bathtub 12 hours 20× Broadleaf Dendron, 20× Weave Grass,
1× Weatherproof Wax
Bubble Wash 12 hours 20× Orange Blossom, 20× Jackfruit, 20× Rubberplant
Bath Toys
10× Asks

Once you have made the tub and the bubbles, and gathered your toys, it will take 1 day to properly relax.


  • Task 2 - Lullaby Sheets - 104 Happiness points per use.
  • Task 4 - Steam House Shelter - up to 160 Happiness points per day.
  • Task 4 - 3 Villagers: 1 teenager, 2 babies.
  • Task 6 - Bubble Bath - 172 Happiness points per use.


  • While you are waiting for tasks to complete, you can grow some more Ramie - it's always useful later on!
  • Suggested unlocking order:
    1. Baby Rice
    2. Broadleaf Dendron
    3. Cocoa Sunflower
    4. Corded Creeper
    5. Soft Kapoc
    6. Ramie
    7. Sapling Wood
    8. Weave Grass
    9. Baby Carrots
    10. Rubberplant
    11. Orange Blossom
    12. Malt Barley
    13. Sweet Potatoes *
    14. Blackcurrants
    15. Notched Oats*
    16. Jackfruit

* Neither the Sweet Potatoes nor the Notched Oats are required for any task. However, they must be unlocked in order to unlock those items that come below them.

  • It is not possible to complete this Quest without spending gems. However, only the final task is impossible - it is easily possible to get the three children without spending anything.