Shelters are homes for your Villagers. Shelter is an essential for your villagers, and they will not become Carefree without a home. Babies and Toddlers will live with their parents, but once they reach the age of five (i.e. childhood), they will need a home of their own.

Your Shelters also produce Happiness points of their own each day, depending upon the number of villagers living in them (babies and toddlers do not count towards this total).

Each village has its own specific types of Shelter, each with its own specifications for building.

Woodland village

Shelter Happiness

(per villager per day)

Villagers housed
Basic shelter symbol Basic Shelter 2 2
Mud shelter symbol Mud Shelter 6 4
Wooden abode symbol Wooden Abode 40 2
Clay hovel symbol Clay Hovel 30 6
Stone cottage symbol Stone Cottage 80 2
Wooden cabin symbol Wooden Cabin 60 4
Stone house symbol Stone House 200 2
Wooden lodge symbol Wooden Lodge 100 6

Special Shelters

It is also possible to gain special Shelters via Quests in the Woodland Village. These tend to be one-off items that give more Happiness.

Observed Special Shelters are:

Shelter Quest Happiness

(per villager per day)

Villagers housed

Steam lodge
Steam Lodge River Rescue 40 4
Rapunzels tower
Rapunzel's Tower Damsel in Distress 125 6
Converted airship
Converted Airship Airship Down 200 2
Prairie shelter
Prairie Shelter Village of Oz 200 4
Olympic villa
Olympic Villa The Village Games 200 2
Grandmas cottage
Grandma's Cottage The Bakery Burglar 200 2
Castle keep Castle Keep Castle Keep 350 4
Glade abode
Glade Abode Enchanted Glade 230 6
Forest Hut
Forest Hut Forest Clearing 700 2
Gem Falls
Gem Falls Gem Falls 350 4
Owl Sanctuary Sanctuary 350 4
River temple
River Temple River Temple 230 6
Sunny meadows farm
Sunny Meadow Farm Sunny Meadows 230 6

Riverside village

Shelter Happiness

(per villager per day)

Villagers housed
Riverside hovel symbol Riverside Hovel 20 2
Riverside abode symbol Riverside Abode 4 4
Riverside shelter symbol Riverside Shelter 96 2
Riverside cabin symbol Riverside Cabin 64 6
Riverside cottage symbol Riverside Cottage 240 2
Riverside lodge symbol Riverside Lodge 160 6
Riverside house symbol Riverside House 240 2
Riverside manor symbol Riverside Manor 320 4

Mountain village

Shelter Happiness

(per villager per day)

Villagers housed
Mountain abode symbol Mountain Abode 30 2
Mountain shelter symbol Mountain Shelter 64 4
Mountain dwelling symbol Mountain Dwelling 96 2
Mountain cabin symbol Mountain Cabin 240 4

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