Riverside village

The Riverside is a village you can unlock from the Woodland village. It comes with its own set of shelters and fun items.

Unlocking Riverside

When you reach Level 10, your villagers will start to hear odd noises where the rocks are in the south-east of your village. This is Brian, an engineer from Riverside, who has become trapped. You will need to Feed Brian, then build a machine to break down the rocks trapping him. This will open up the tunnel to Riverside, enabling your villagers to pass through.

The Riverside village comes with its own set of Shelters and Fun items, as well as different resources and foods.

New Skill(s)

New Foods


  • Walking on water

    A Riverside villager walking on water

    It is possible to have no villagers in the Riverside village.
  • Your Woodland villagers will want foods (and occasionally Fun items) from the Riverside village, and vice versa.
  • Sometimes, your Riverside villagers will walk right across the surface of the river!