Warning: Incomplete Information

The following article discusses items that the editor has either not unlocked in her game yet, and/or unlocked before embarking on this project.

While she has a second game in progress, it will take a while to catch up and fill in the blanks. Any information you can provide would be greatly received.
As its name might suggest, the Resource Store stores any resources (non-food items) you collect during gameplay. Storage of resources is shared across all of your villages.

Resources are stored in groups of 50. If you have more than 50 of any one item, it will take up a second slot in your Store.

Excess Resources can be sold for coins.

The Store at the beginning of the game is 'tiny', and has seven storage slots. The Resource Store (along with the Water Store and Food Store) can be upgraded. It is vital to do this as early as possible as you will rapidly run out of slots, but unlocking and building each upgrade takes a substantial amount of time.


Resource Store Alternative name Capacity Unlock time Build time Item(s) required
Resource store 1
1 Tiny 7 none none none
Resource store 2 2 Small 11 3 days 2 days 15× Birch, Tin Hammer,
10× Bags
3 Medium 20 6 days 15× Elm, Iron Hammer,
20× Crates
Resource store 4 4 Large 35
5 Giant 60 12 days 7 days 32× Rushes, Brass Knife,
100× Packages

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