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Warning: Incomplete Information

The following article discusses items that the editor has either not unlocked in her game yet, and/or unlocked before embarking on this project.

While she has a second game in progress, it will take a while to catch up and fill in the blanks. Any information you can provide would be greatly received.
Quests are special events that will give you rewards for your village.

Some quests will begin automatically when you reach a certain level; others must be triggered. Others still are released periodically for players who are further on in the game.

Quests to make an itemEdit

If you do not have the materials to make a standard game item, this will show up as a Quest in the wheel on the right of the screen. These quests are not being counted for the purpose of this article - only those quests that occur once will be considered.

Farewell Quest Edit

Main article: Farewell Quest

When your population becomes too large, villagers will leave in order to make way for younger couples and new babies.

Woodland Hero Quests Edit

Main article: Hero Quests

When you receive a Woodland Hero Charm, that hero will be able to unlock a specific area of the Woodland village. Nothing else besides the Hero is needed for these quests.

Triggered QuestsEdit

These appear in the Woodland village, and are visible from the beginning of the game. They unlock at a specified level, and only one task must be completed in order to gain the reward.

Quest Level Materials Reward
Make Flowerbed 4
10 Seeds
, 10 Mud
Help Homeless Ducks 8 20 Flint Shards,
5 Duckweed
, 30 Clay
Explore Fallen Tree 15
8 Sharpening Stone
, Bronze Axe
Help Wounded Deer 25 Bandages, Herbs, 50 Hazelnuts

• denotes a request or "Ask" item

Unlocking Villages Edit

These quests often comprise of several tasks, the last of which is in the new village itself (to unlock your new skill). These quests are not timed.

Unlock... Level Rewards
Riverside 10 Riverside village, Fishing skill

Automatic QuestsEdit

These occur when you reach a specified level, and generally comprise of several tasks that must be completed in order to unlock the final reward.

Occasionally, these quests are timed.

Quest Level Reward
River Rescue 5 1 teenage Villager 2 baby villagers, 1 Shelter, 2 Fun items.

One-Off QuestsEdit

These are generally timed quests that are released periodically to more advanced players - those who have reached the Riverside village and beyond.

Quest Time allowed Reward
Mystery of the Misty Marsh 15 days 2 child villagers
Damsel in Distress 15 days 3 Fun items, 1 Shelter, 2 adult villagers
Airship Down 15 days

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