Toddler boy being fed

A toddler boy being fed

Milk is the staple diet of your Baby and Toddler villagers.

Milk requires 2 pieces of Pine and 4 Drops of Milk (a request item).


  • Feeding milk to a baby or toddler often fills their happiness bar, so it is a good idea to harvest any happiness they already have while they are being fed. This is a great way to increase your level, particularly if you have a lot of friends (or gems).

Sometimes, though, it only gives 25 happiness.

  • Feeding babies and toddlers is the only work that a pregnant villager can undertake.
  • Teenage villagers will not feed babies. It is the only work they can't do.
  • Toddler girl being fed

    A baby girl being fed

    The colour of the feeding bottle is determined by the gender of the child - pink for a girl, blue for a boy.