On June 29, 2016, a new update was released.

New, unlockable areas have been added to the Woodland village. A hero (a 6-star character) is required to unlock these areas. New Woodland Heroes have been added to the Charm list. A free charm is awarded to any player at Level 5, 25, 50 or above, and new charms can be purchased for 290 gems.

The bridge between the original campsite (where the twins were born) and the Woodland village has been destroyed, and the camp has become an unlockable area.

The areas are as follows (clockwise from top right):

Area Hero required
Sanctuary Quest
Sanctuary Artemis
Forest Clearing quest
Forest Clearing Baine
Gem Falls Quest
Gem Falls Theia
Castle keep quest
Castle Keep Arthur
Mystic Tower quest
Mystic Tower Cerridwen
Enchanted Glade quest
Enchanted Glade Corann
Sunny Meadows quest
Sunny Meadows Veles
River Temple Quest
River Temple Hestia