Golden Silk Worms are a Quest Item required for the Damsel in Distress Quest. In the past, they have also been a part of the Solstice Quest, in a different form.

Damsel in Distress

Golden Silk Worms take 2 days to unlock, and 8 hours to cultivate 10 skeins of silk. You will need a Copper Pick and a Birch Box


Silk is used in the fifth (and final) task. 20 skeins are needed to make the Wedding Outfits.


Warning: Outdated Article

The following article is purely related to a previous version of the game that is no longer relevant.

As such, it cannot be updated. This page has been left for reference purposes only.

Part of the Solstice and requires 3 keys to unlock. You gain 5 Golden Silk Worms when gathering and they take 10 minutes to gather without any bonuses on your villagers.