Go to the Mountain is a an untimed Quest in the Riverside village. It unlocks when you reach Level 20.


Your Riverside villagers notice a dog in trouble in the water. Her owner, Angus, tells you she was chasing a fox in the mountains when she fell into the water. Her owner is frantic, and even with help, he cannot reach her. Can you help


1. Help Struggling Pup

Your villagers need to build a device to help Bella back to shore.

Time to complete Requirements
30 seconds Ash, 5× Hemp,
5× Rope Ball
  • denotes a request or "Ask" item

2. Clear Mountain Path

Bella is saved, but there is no way back up into the Mountains. There used to be a path, but it has long-since overgrown. Your villagers will need to cut away the undergrowth to reveal the steps.

Time to complete Requirements
30 seconds Willow, 5× Granite,
5× Mountain Mortar

3. Restore Hunting Lodge

You have reached the Mountain village, and Angus tells you about the Hunting Lodge his family used to use. It needs some work, but once it is repaired, you will be able to hunt for animals.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Lodge Supplies 45 minutes 20× Yew, 14× Silt
Slate Mallet 2 minutes Slate, 9× Yew
Hunting Lures
10× Asks

Once you have crafted your items, it will take 5 hours to restore the Lodge and begin hunting! Make sure you've unlocked the squirrel.