Gems are an in-game currency that can be used for a variety of purposes.


  • Speed up the unlocking of items (approximately 1 gem for 3 hours)
  • Speed up a task, such as building or gathering.
  • Speed up a pregnancy.
  • Purchase new villagers with more skills than standard.

Collecting Gems

Gems can be collected from a variety of sources:

  • Levelling up - spin to receive gems.
  • Gambling - spend real currency to spin the Mega Bonus wheel (currently £0.99 in the UK)
  • Gem mine
  • Spending money.


  • watching videos


  • Taking quizzes
  • Shopping on certain websites

Buying Gems

The most cost-efficient way of buying gems is to build Gem Mines, however these take time to release their full potential. The most time-effective way is using the level-up bonus, offered in the app versions of the game.

The offers early on (up to around level 5) are the best way of buying gems, but they will stop after you purchase from one of them. Hold out for the 180 gem offer at the same price as 100! (N.B. there may be more, but that is unknown at this time).

It is more cost-efficient to buy the 60-gem package than the 100-gem package. After that, the cost-efficiency increases with the price.