Gem mine 1

Tiny Gem Mine

The gem mine is a building that produces Gems.

The Gem Mine is offered as a free gift after approximately a week of gameplay. It takes 30 minutes to build, and will produce gems for upwards of 12 days (depending on how often you gather from it).

It is not infinite, and will run out eventually. Once that happens, you will need to upgrade your mine, which costs real currency.

If you want to spend money on gems, and aren't worried about it taking a while to get your full money's worth, then mines are definitely the most cost-effective way to do this. Only the early offers give better value for your dollar/pound/euro/currency-of-choice.

Known Mines

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Mine Cost (GBP) Gems/day Total gems given Active time (minimum)
Tiny Gem Mine 0 5 60 12 days
Gem Mine 2 £3.99 10 243 24 days, 8 hours
Gem Mine 3 £7.99 25 366 14 days, 13 hours