Food store 1

Tiny Food Store (Food Store 1)

The food store is an important storage building in Village Life. It is used to store all food gathered from your villages. Storage is shared across the villages.

Food is stored in groups of 50 - i.e. two harvests. If you have more than 50 of any one item, it will take up a second slot. Different kinds of food cannot share the same slot.

Excess food can be sold for coins .

The food storage at the beginning of the game is 'tiny', and has six storage slots. The food store (along with the water store and resource store ) can be upgraded. It is vital to do this as early as possible, but unlocking and building each upgrade takes a substantial amount of time.

While it is possible (but unlikely) that Stores 1-4 can all be unlocked before reaching the Riverside village, Food Store 5 does not become available until after the Riverside village has been unlocked. Likewise, Food Store 6 does not become available until after the Mountain village has been unlocked.

Food Store Alternate name Capacity Unlock time Build time Item(s) required
Food store 1
1 Tiny 6 none none none
Food store 2
2 Small 11 3 days 2 days 12× Birch, Copper Hammer,
10× Bowls
3 Medium 6 days
Food store 4
4 Large 35
Food store 5
5 Giant 60 12 days 7 days 28× Oak, Granite Hammer,
100× Trays
6 12 days 14 days 28× Beech, Gold Saw,
150× Brackets
  • denotes a request or "Ask" item


  • The food storage stores all the food the villagers collect, including some Quest items.
  • The food storage can let you see all the fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat you collected separately.
  • The food storage stays the same no matter what village you're in.
  • No matter what food your villagers eat out of the food storage, it always appears as a red glob of what looks like fruit.
  • Villagers will sometimes even if you send them to do work will randomly go to the food storage and eat if there is anything in it which usually doesn't disturb jobs except for fires (or a few other jobs) which can be extremely annoying at times.
  • The tiny and small food stores seem to have a green blanket with a white pattern on the roof.