The Flint Fire is used to keep your villagers warm and safe from predators; this fulfils a need in order to keep them carefree.

The Flint Fire does not require unlocking. Building additional fires will take 1 hour, and require 10 Flint Shards. This would be, however, a waste of resources.

Each Flint Fire burns for 30 minutes, and requires 10 Pine planks and 2 Flint Shards to light it.

It will keep up to 10 villagers warm. After this point, you will need to upgrade to the Sandstone Fire.

By adding 10 Oil canisters to the fire, it prolongs the burn time by 12 hours.


  • During the tutorial when you make a fire it shows a picture with a hungry fox running away and some happy villagers, even though fires are only used in the game to keep your villagers warm.
  • Although they give you one in each village, it is possible build a new flint fire. However, there is no real reason to do this as second fires do not fulfil any needs.
  • In the old gameplay, it was possible to add extra fires in order to fulfil your villagers' needs for warmth while you unlocked the next level fire, but this is no longer an option.