Farming is both a skill and a method of obtaining certain kinds of food in the Woodland village. Farming becomes available at Level 4, and you will need to build a farm first. Farming always yields 25 crops.


Food Happiness Given Collection Time Unlock Time Tools Required
Potato symbol
Potatoes 11 2 hours 1 hour Flint Trowel, Burlap Sack, Flint Pick
Lettuce symbol
Lettuce 5 15 mins 5 minutes Flint Trowel, Rope
Corn symbol
Corn 9 1 hour 1 hour Flint Trowel, Rope
Cabbage symbol
Cabbage 7 15 mins Tin Trowel, Copper Pitchfork
Tomato symbol
Tomatoes 10 40 mins 1 day, 12 hours Birch Box, Tin Trowel
Wheat symbol
Wheat 12 1 hour 1 day, 12 hours Pine Box, Bronze Trowel
Carrot symbol
Carrots 14 15 mins 3 days Elm Box, Bronze Trowel
Cucumber symbol
Cucumber 15 30 mins 3 days Birch Box, Iron Pitchfork
Rice symbol
Rice 22 2 hours 3 days Iron Pitchfork, Bronze Trowel
Onion symbol
Onions 41 4 hours 4 days, 12 hours Gloves, Iron Sickle, Elm Box
Celery symbol
Celery 46 6 hours 4 days 12 hours Iron Sickle, Amethyst Box
Garlic symbol
Garlic 67 1 day 4 days 12 hours Iron Sickle, Emerald Box
Cauliflower symbol
Cauliflower 68 8 hours 6 days Iron Sickle, Iron Knife, Emerald Box
Broccoli symbol Broccoli 62 6 hours 6 days Iron Pitchfork, Iron Sickle, Emerald Box
Turnips symbol
Turnips 56 4 hours 6 days Iron Pick, Iron Sickle, Emerald Box


Farmhouse site

Unbuilt site of future Farm House

At Level 4, it becomes possible to build a farmhouse and unlock one field. Once that is complete, you can upgrade your farmhouse in order to gain more fields.

Farm House Number of Fields Unlock Time Build Time Items needed
Mud farm house symbol
Mud Farm House 1 none 4 hours 8 Mud,
10 Pegs & Dowels
, 10 Grass
Clay farm house symbol
Clay Farm House 2 3 days 2 days 20 Clay, Copper Hammer,
20 Nails & Screws
Elm farm house symbol
Elm Farm House 3 6 days 3 days Iron Hammer, 10 Elm,
10 Nuts & Bolts
Ash farm house symbol
Ash Farm House 4 9 days 4 days Granite Hammer, ,
50× Spikes & Spars
Granite farm house symbol
Granite Farm House 5 12 days 5 days Brass Knife, Farm House Supplies,
100× Plugs & Wedges

Special Items

The Farm Houses use several unique items in their construction; items which must be crafted at a Workshop prior to construction.

Farm House Materials

Farm House Materials are used to build the Ash Farm House. 30 Limestone blocks and 32 Ash planks are needed, and 30 minutes are required for crafting.

Farm House Supplies

Farm House Supplies are used to build the Granite Farm House. 60 Granite blocks and 96 bundles of Rushes are needed, and 30 minutes are required for crafting.

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