Damsel in Distress is a timed quest that begins after the completion of the Mystery of the Misty Marsh. You are allowed 15 days to complete the quest.

There are 5 tasks in total.


A strange tower appears in the village with a young woman trapped at the very top, crying for help. There is a Prince at the base of the tower, trying to rescue her, but he isn't very well prepared and needs the assistance of your villagers.


1. Craft Hedge Trimming

To help the prince rescue Rapunzel from the tower, he must be able to get through the thorny hedge that surrounds it.

Items needed Time to make Requirements
Trimming Blades 2 hours Shining Steel ×20, Tin ×8
Chipping Mechanism 6 hours Sweet Chestnut ×20, Shining Steel ×20
Whetstones none 10× Asks
  • denotes a request or "Ask" item

Once you have gathered your items, it will take 12 hours to craft the Hedge Trimmer.

2. Build Doggy Kennel

Now that the Prince can reach the tower, he discovers that Rapunzel is being held prisoner, and her captor, Gothel, is not willing to let her go. She releases the hounds, and the prince begs for help.

Items needed Time to make Requirements
Doggy Treats 8 hours Brown Sugar Cane ×20 Almonds ×50, Chewy Stick ×1
Kennel 8 hours Blackened Bamboo ×20, Grass ×12
Squeezy Balls none 10× Asks

Once you have gathered the items, it will take 12 hours to build the Doggy Kennel.

3. Craft Hand Held Mirrors

The dogs are calm, but Gothel still blocks the way to the tower. But Rapunzel knows how to defeat her - she hates her own reflection (the reason she despises Rapunzel and her beauty).

Items needed Time to make Requirements
Mirror Glass 10 hours Clear Crystals ×20, Shining Steel ×20, Silver Nitrate ×10
Mirror Frame 12 hours Ebony ×20, Sweet Chestnut ×20
Frame Decorations none 1× Ask

Once you have gathered the items, it will take 12 hours to craft the mirror.

4. Rescue Rapunzel

Gothel is gone, but the door to the tower is locked, and the Prince cannot find the key. If only Rapunzel's hair was longer...

Items needed Time to make Requirements
Hair Growth Potion 10 hours Nettle Root ×20, Brown Sugar Cane ×20, Potion Stoppers ×10
Wall Hook 12 hours Folded Copper ×20, Ebony ×20, Shining Steel ×20
Climbing Hammer none 1× Ask

Once your have acquired your items, it will take 12 hours to rescue Rapunzel.

When Rapunzel is rescued, her tower will become a residence that houses up to 6 Villagers.

5. Prepare Wedding

Rapunzel has been rescued, her hair has been cut, and her Prince has proposed to her. It's all hands on deck to get her to the altar on time (and to get the altar to the altar!).

Items needed Time to make Requirements
Wedding Attire 12 hours Golden Silk Worms ×20, Clear Crystals ×20, Cotton ×12
Altar 12 hours Cherry Wood ×20, Ebony ×20, Wedding Rings ×1
Confetti none 10× Asks

Once you have assembled the wedding items, it will take 12 hours for the ceremony.

When they are married, Rapunzel and her Prince will take up residence in your village.


  • Task 1 - the Hedge Trimmer (gives 299 happiness points).
  • Task 2 - the Doggy Kennel (gives 325 happiness points)
  • Task 3 - Hand Held Mirror (gives 494 happiness points)
  • Task 4 - Rapunzel's Tower - a shelter for up to 6 villagers.
  • Task 5 - Rapunzel & Prince - 2 new adult villagers.


Hedge trimmer in use
  • The Hedge Trimmer, once made, can be used as a Fun item by your villagers. They will appear to be doing battle, and create beautiful topiaries.

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