Beauty and the Beast is a Timed Quest that occurs after The Bakery Burglar Quest has been completed. There are 5 tasks, and you will have 14 days in which to complete them.


A trapped man is found in undergrowth in the village


1. Cut Undergrowth

You need to free the man from the undergrowth.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Thicket Shears 15 minutes 10× Sharp Iron, 8× Tin

Once you have crafted the shears, it will take 1 minute to free the man.

2. Build Barberstand

The man, Ben, has been rescued, but his story is a tale of woe: he was about to propose to his childhood sweetheart, Elle, when his hair started to grow! His villagers thought he was a monster and chased him away with pitchforks.

Your villagers decide to help him with his problem so that he can go back to Elle.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Barbers Pole 2 hours 10× Stave Sprout, 20× Birch
Barbers Chair 2 hours 10× Trim Stone, 16× Flint Shards
10× Asks

Once you have crafted the items, it will take 2 hours to shave Ben.

3. Craft Masquerade Masks

Unfortunately, Ben's looks don't last - he grows his hair back very quickly. He decides that hiding behind a mask is his best chance at winning Elle's heart.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Blank Masks 2 hours 10× Mache Grain, 10× Stave Sprout,
10× Mask Straps
Mask Decorations 2 hours 10× Elegant Florets, 10× Trim Stone,
1× Mask Ribbon

Once you have crafted the essentials, it will take 4 hours to make the decorated masks.

4. Build Valentines Carriage

Ben has his mask and now feels confident enough to meet Elle again. Your villagers arrange an invitation and transport to a masquerade ball for them.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Invitation 2 hours 10× Heartwood, 10× Mache Grain,
10× Lacey Tags
Carriage Body 4 hours 10× Flakey Gold,10× Elegant Florets
Chauffeur Uniform
1× Ask

Once you have crafted the essentials, it will take 8 hours to build the carriage.

5. Build Valentines Ball

Elle has accepted the invitation and arrived, but everyone has forgotten that the ball needs a ballroom! Quickly whip something up so that Elle and Ben can dance together.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Ballroom Floor 2 hours 10× Waltz Wood, 10× Heartwood,
1× Floor Wax
Ornate Pillars 4 hours 10× Rose Quartz, 10× Flakey Gold,
10× Drapes

Once the parts have been crafted, it will take 12 hours to build the ballroom.

As it turns out Elle has never cared about Ben's looks at all. They decide to stay in your village together - somewhere Ben is accepted for who he is.


  • Task 2 - Barber Stand - 90 Happiness Points per use
  • Task 3 - Masks - 129 Happiness Points per use
  • Task 5 - Valentines Ballroom - 145 Happiness Points per use
  • Task 5 - 2× adult villagers

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