Airship Down is a Quest that occurs after completing Damsel in Distress. You will have 15 days to complete it.


Your villagers notice a flying aircraft in the sky about to crash land in your village! Once the aircraft crashes two of your villagers hear a cry for help coming from the air craft. Your villagers learn the voice is coming from a woman inside the burning aircraft, pleading for help for her family.


The Quest is split into five tasks. You will need to complete them all in order to gain the maximum reward.

1. Craft Fire Hose

The villagers need to extinguish the flames before they can rescue the trapped family.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Water Tank 4 hours 20× Steel Debris, 18× Birch, 10× Water
Fireproof Clothing 6 hours 20× Fireproof Cotton, 12× Grass
Fire Helmets
10× Asks

Once you have crafted the required parts, it will take 12 hours to craft the Fire Hose.

2. Rescue Family

Now that the fires are out, you can work on rescuing the trapped family. The woman seems to be fine, but her husband and baby are not.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Lifting Gear 7 hours 20× Red Oak, 20× Steel Debris, 
10× Harnesses
Cutting Gear 8 hours 20× Titanium, Red Oak, 
1× Fireproof Gloves

Once you have crafted your gear, rescuing the family will take 12 hours.

3. Medical Attention

The family has been rescued, but both the husband and the baby girl are in urgent need of medical attention.

Items needed Time to make Requirements
Stethoscope 10 hours 20× Stretchy Rubber, 20× Steel Debris,
1× Earbuds
Medical Supplies 12 hours 20× Aloe Vera, 20× Red Oak
Burn Salve
10× Asks

It will take 12 hours to treat the family once you have assembled your medical kit.

4. Remodel Airship

The family have been fixed up, but their airship is beyond repair. They decide to convert the wreckage into a new shelter so they can settle in your village.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Reinforced Girders 12 hours 20× Steel Debris, 20× Titanium,
10× Rivets
Replacement Windows 12 hours 20× Glass Shards, 20× Mastic Gum,
1× Window Locks

Once you have assembled your building materials and placed the base, it will take 1 day to build the new home.

5. Baby Milk Dispenser

The family have been rescued and have a place to live in your village. They are so grateful they decide to share their special formula for baby milk with you.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Formula Vat 24 hours 20× Formula Packets, 20× Titanium, 10× Water
Conveyor Belt 12 hours 20× Wicker Plant, 20× Red Oak,
1× Belt Mechanism
Spare Bottles
10× Asks

Once you have made the components, it will take 1 day to build the Milk Dispenser.


Fire hose playing with

The Fire Hose, being played with

  • Task 1 - Fire Hose - 268 Happiness points per use
  • Task 4 - 2 adult Villagers, 1 baby villager.
  • Task 4 - Converted Airship Shelter
  • Task 5 - Baby Milk Dispenser - 470 Happiness points per use and baby milk.


  • It is not possible to complete this Quest within the specified timeframe without spending gems. It is, however, possible to complete Task 4 and gain the three villagers.